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     Pro- Defense was founded to develop a revolutionary new non-lethal weapons option for military, law enforcement, and civilian use. The F4 Tactical was the first product from Pro-Defense, which provides instantaneous access to pepper spray without having to lower your primary weapon. The F4 stands for Force 4 of the law enforcement "Use of Force Continuum", which is the use progression of severity of less than lethal force. (ie: batons, OC spray, or Tazer)


     To create more options for deployment of this technology, we developed the Defender, which is a completely non-lethal home defense system. The system was developed with everything for escalation of force. It starts with the high power strobe light that is used to identify and disorient the assailant. If the assailant continues to advance you can hit him with the pepper spray. While he is dealing with the effects of the pepper spray you can get away to seek help, subdue the assailant, or make your way to your firearm or other choice weapon.

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The NEW, faster-release,

Tactical Fast Pull

delivers the action!


An easy to install, easy to use extension for charging handles on AR platform rifles, the  Tactical Fast Pull delivers easier operation of charging handles in all situations.


• Easy, Tool Free Installation Takes Only A   Few Seconds!


• Can Be Installed Or Removed With Optics In Place!


• Can Be Used On Most AR-15 Platform Rifles

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