Creative Sales Company

Manufacturing Capabilities

Design & Prototyping

Our design and prototyping department works with you from the inception of your idea to the finished product. Using the latest in computer technology and design programs, we create a computerized model for your review and then make a working model to test before finalizing a production mold to ensure the product you want is what you will receive. Upon final approval of the prototype we work with mold makers to ensure your product will be manufactured to your specifications.

Our Marketing and Graphics departments help you develop packaging that compliments and helps your product sell. Our skilled and professional design staff has years of packaging and marketing experience and looks forward to working with you on your project.

Equipment and Workflow

Producing a quality product can’t happen without quality equipment. We use only the most state-of-the-art, computerized injection molding equipment. Whether your requirements call for small parts (as small as 0.01 oz) or large (up to 320 oz, or 20 lbs), we can manufacture it.

Each of our machines are computer controlled, which allows us to ensure that every piece is completed within the given specifications. Every aspect of each job is stored digitally and securely, which means that any and all jobs can be exactly reproduced at a later date, when you need it!

We have available almost any type of plastic resin to ensure your product meets all production standards, including propylenes, ethylenes, polycarbonates, nylons, and TPE’s / rubber compounds.

Quality Assurance

We closely monitor the quality of the parts that we produce, from start to finish. They are inspected as they are molded, assembled and packaged. Finally, the packaged product is examined before it ships out the door. This level of thoroughness means that your business puts its best foot forward, with every product.

In the rare case when an imperfection is identified, the process is halted while we perform an extensive inspection of the part itself, and the machines and material used in its production. Every job is given a standard to be compared against during the manufacturing, assembly and packaging procedures, so each step is re-evaluated to ensure that only the best product is being produced.

The quick identification and correction of imperfections means we can continue production with minimal downtime, while maintaining our high standards.


I bought the PLUS Ladder System as I was planning on painting some peaks on a ladder and didn’t want to have anything other than my paint brush in my hand so I could hold onto the ladder. I worked perfectly and I finished up the job without spilling a drop! What a great product!!
- Marlene M.
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