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The Byers' Brand was founded by Gary Byers in 1979, out of the desire and drive to make a product that helped others – an easy-to-use knife sharpener. Since that time we have expanded our product lineup to include a range of other popular products, such as the Big Bobber Floating Cooler. Though our product lineup has changed and evolved through the years, we remain committed to manufacturing only high-quality items, engineered and hand assembled right here in Columbia Falls, Montana.


Our brand continues to innovate and provide intuitive solutions to everyday problems. We strive to bring you high-quality, well designed products that you can rely on. All of our products are tested extensively, built to last, and made in the U.S.A.!


Have a look around our store, check out our custom products, and if you have any questions, please drop us a line.


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Featured Product

Our NEW  Industrial Edge

All-In-One Sharpener -

The only sharpener you'll ever need!


 The Industrial Edge is the most capable hand tool sharpener on the market today. Our sharpener will sharpen nearly any bladed tool, from “V” Blades

like knives and axes, to single-beveled blades like lawnmower blades and chisels. It even sharpens scissors  with a special insert that is designed to give your scissors or shears a perfect edge. The Industrial Edge features a unique pruner and lopper sharpening recess which allows it to sharpen these tools without disassembly - a feature no other sharpener available has.


Proudly Made In

The U.S.A.


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